Starstika logo

Dissential advisory : incriminating content

Details about the Startika logo. Based on the Nazi Swastika and the Jewish flag (among others), this multi-faceted logo is iconic, beautiful and dangerous

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Dissential presents: The talent on the label

Find out about the talent on the label. Bands, artists, their music, videos and photographs.

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Dissential presents: Starstika showreel

Starstika logo

Starstika are a truth band highlighting political, global, social and monetary control mechanisms that affect us all.

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Dissential is: The right chemistry

The Dissential Mission statement. We sign brilliant, self-motivated artists only. We are dangerous because we know the powers that be don’t want us all to know…

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Dissential is: Looking for talent

Dissential 'D' logo

How Dissential re-thinks records. What we do differently and hope to achieve with our artist portfolio.

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Precisely by Starstika - Front Cover

Download details about the single Precisely by Starstika. The track is about the London July 7 2005 bombings exposed by Peter Power.

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