Dissential presents: ReBL & 4star showreel

ReBL on the guitar

Alias 4star and ReBL Productions UK join forces to produce world class grime, grimecore and hip hop.

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ReBL Productions UK bio

ReBL at the PC

From grime through grimecore to drum n bass, ReBL Productions UK continues to create highly sought after beats and world-class productions.

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Musical direction

Starstika metal stamp logo

Starstika’s music is truly unique. Nobody weaves the spoken word from politicians and leaders with such melodic grace over driving guitar riffs and big beats.

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Dissential presents: Starstika showreel

Dissential advisory : incriminating content

Starstika are a truth band highlighting political, global, social and monetary control mechanisms that affect us all.

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Greyman bio

Greyman logo

Greyman is a shadowy figure, often taking hooks from past eras and twisting them into powerful tracks, often with dark, anti-establishment lyrics uncovering government wrongdoings.

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Dissential is: Looking for talent

Dissential 'D' logo

How Dissential re-thinks records. What we do differently and hope to achieve with our artist portfolio.

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