Dissential presents: ReBL & 4star showreel

Alias 4star and ReBL Productions UK join forces to produce world class grime, grimecore and hip hop.

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Dissential is: The right chemistry

The Dissential Mission statement. We sign brilliant, self-motivated artists only. We are dangerous because we know the powers that be don’t want us all to know…

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Dissential is: A recording studio

The studio was custom built from a bare shell and now holds a sweet-sounding 5.1 surround sound control room.

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D-Notice bio

D-Notice dance logo

D-Notice (a.k.a. Denotice) remix political music for clubs and produce ant-establishment videos for Internet distribution.

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Dissential is: A record label

How Dissential re-thinks records. What we do differently and hope to achieve with our artist portfolio.

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Precisely by Starstika - Front Cover

Download details about the single Precisely by Starstika. The track is about the London July 7 2005 bombings exposed by Peter Power.

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