Dissential presents: Starstika showreel

The Guitarstika

Starstika are a truth band highlighting political, global, social and monetary control mechanisms that affect us all.

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Starstika bio

Dissential advisory : incriminating content

Starstika expose the Zionists/New World Order for what they really are through speeches put to music. The beats are dangerous, the subject matter controversial, the message is clear: don’t trust the mainstream media.

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Dissential presents: The talent on the label

Find out about the talent on the label. Bands, artists, their music, videos and photographs.

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Riotakt bio

Riotakt grafitti

Riotakt fuse hip hop, dance, punk and rap over live instrumentation to deliver breathtakingly raw music.

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Dissential is: A recording studio

The studio was custom built from a bare shell and now holds a sweet-sounding 5.1 surround sound control room.

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Dissential is: A record label

How Dissential re-thinks records. What we do differently and hope to achieve with our artist portfolio.

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