Dissential presents: The talent on the label

Find out about the talent on the label. Bands, artists, their music, videos and photographs.

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Dissential presents: Starstika showreel

Dissential advisory : incriminating content

Starstika are a truth band highlighting political, global, social and monetary control mechanisms that affect us all.

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Starstika bio

Starstika metal stamp logo

Starstika expose the Zionists/New World Order for what they really are through speeches put to music. The beats are dangerous, the subject matter controversial, the message is clear: don’t trust the mainstream media.

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Alias 4star bio

Alias 4star pointing

Rising rap heavyweight Alias 4star continues to push hip hop and grime to new levels with his unique brand of fiery flow and mic presence.

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Dissential presents: ReBL & 4star showreel

Alias 4star in front of graf

Alias 4star and ReBL Productions UK join forces to produce world class grime, grimecore and hip hop.

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Riotakt bio

Riotakt grafitti

Riotakt fuse hip hop, dance, punk and rap over live instrumentation to deliver breathtakingly raw music.

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