Alias 4star bio

Da UK Killa

With raw, explosive, original talent and lightning flows, 4STAR ignites the stage and thrills fans on the mic.

He is usually found all over beats from producer ReBL and during the last couple of years the pair have supported premiere UK acts like MOBO award winner Sway, Killa Kela and Roll Deep. They have also recorded and collaborated with veteran rapper MC Juiceman, Kaotic, Wordsmith and Champagne Bublee.

With a grimy music video for Rap Presidents under their belts and a slew of hard-hitting anthems, the duo are destined for greatness.

Though in a class of his own, 4star is influenced by the likes of Roll Deep, Adam F, and Dizzee Rascal to name a few. Keep an ear on this site and his myspace page for new tracks, videos and info on this UK sensation.