Dissential is
A record label
Looking for talent

A recording studio

Dissential has at its disposal a custom-built and designed 5.1 recording studio. Each aspect of the studio control room and booths have been designed to hone sound to its sweetest.

A few tons of sand were laid over the existing wooden floor to kill sound transmission. The roof was lashed to the existing beams to give additional rigidity. Side walls employ a tight lattice skeleton onto which chipboard sheets were glued and screwed. Cavities were damped with Rockwool; speaker stands, doors, the ceiling and joining walls were filled with sand.

The front edge of speaker plinths are concave to allow sound to couple smoothly with the air. A false floor gave space to lay cables to the booths, which have no parallel walls. The control room did not need any acoustic treatment other than carpeted surfaces and a rear wall diffuser.

The office area is perfect for doubling as a ‘live’ room for recording drum kits and old-fashioned ambient reverb via piezo mics on the wall.

The images below show the gradual transformation of a bare building shell into Dissential HQ.

The control room

The office / “live” room