ReBL Productions UK bio

Hard hittin beatz

From an early age, ReBL has had music at his fingertips. Equally at home behind a drum kit or guitar as he is at computer or decks, this multi-talented beat maker and producer continues to wow fans.

His dark and heavy beats are intensely sought after on the Internet and he regularly collabs with hip hop’s Alias 4star, as well as writing and producing material for veteran rapper MC Juiceman, Kaotic, Wordsmith and Champagne Bublee. With 4star, the pair have supported Sway, Killa Kela and Roll Deep on stage over the last couple of years.

He is constantly writing music and pushing the boundaries of hip hop, grime and grimecore. An example of his hard-hitting style, can be found on the dark music video Rap Presidents, as well as a host of other tracks. He actively seeks serious, talented MCs and singers for collab on his myspace page.

ReBL is influenced by the likes of Wu-Tang, Dre, Eminem, Roll Deep, Adam F, and Dizzee Rascal to name a few. Keep an ear on this site and his myspace page for new tracks, videos and info on this UK beat master.