Musical direction

The band Starstika take home truths broadcast by mainstream media. They then set them to guitars, drums and electronic instruments, fusing rock and dance music. The result asks questions of our governments, society, and those beyond the law.

With influences ranging from Gorillaz, Prodigy, Rage Against The Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Apollo 440, Daft Punk, and Garbage to Giorgio Moroder and The Beatles, Starstika bring a huge and diverse sound to the table.

First release

Their first single Precisely from the album International Anthem set the course.

The title is taken from interviews given by Peter Power (ex Scotland Yard, now CEO of Visor Consultants) on the day of the London 7/7 bombings when he said, twice on air, that his security company had been running a large exercise that morning involving more than 1000 people that envisaged simultaneous bombs being detonated at precisely the railway stations that were targeted.

Would your reaction on hearing this not be one of surprise if not bewilderment? This seemed to be the reaction of Mr Power and his interviewers; one of whom was the very well known Peter Allen of BBC Radio Five Live. But it was only broadcast that day, then buried.

Could the exercises have been used as cover for the bomb-planting? Same stations? Same time? Same method? Have you seen this obvious question asked in the MSM? If not, ask yourself, ‘Why is this line of questioning not being pursued?’ Blair said no inquiry was necessary because it was “obvious” who the perpetrators were. Was it?

This is what the song ‘Precisely’ asks. It’s only one of many on a huge variety of current topics brushed under the carpet by the mainstream media.


We hope ‘Precisely’ and other Starstika tracks strike a chord with the public. Then let’s see the press and politicians try to explain their lack of concern about the questions raised, once the general public — and not just easily-dismissed Internet ‘conspiracy theorists’ — start asking awkward questions.

The press are eventually going to have to explain why they selectively ignore or gloss over stories of significance that affect all our lives. It has been left to Internet sites, and us, to expose the truth. Help us spread the word.