The bombings of 7/7, like those of 9/11, look likely to precede another move towards securing the oilfileds of the Middle East for the West. Recently ‘hate’ imams have been on the front pages of broadsheets and tabloids, and there has been extensive coverage of the suitably colourful reaction to the conveniently-timed re-publication of cartoons lampooning the prophet. Our new German Pope has already gone on record saying we should have a New World Order, of ‘Christian’ values.

Here’s the background to the coming war with Iran.

Bombing exercises

The samples in this song are taken (without permission – tough!) from the BBC’s Five Live Drive program. The interviewer is the inestimable Peter Allen, a voice most of you will know and respect. We do. Hear his astonishment as Peter Power, ex-Scotland Yard and now head of a private London security firm tells how his company was running a simulated exercise in London for another company involving 1000 people on the morning of 7/7 using simultaneous bombs to target the same stations that were hit.

Now, as Harry Hill would say, “What are the chances of that happening?”

It may, of course, have been a 100,000,000 to 1 coincidence. But it is 99.999999% likely that the actual bombings and the simulation are in some way connected. How, we have no idea. If we were investigating the bombings we would be looking very hard for the connection. However, if we were orchestrating a cover-up…

‘Precisely’ is simply giving you the evidence. Draw you own conclusions.

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