Starstika logo

The Starstika is a symbol that obviously and deliberately takes elements from the Swastika (originally a peace symbol before being subverted by the Federal Reserve’s protégé, the ‘artist’ Adolf Hitler) and the flag of the nation he helped bring into existence. Since Zionists and Nazis are supposed to be mutually exclusive, this image jars beautifully, as all good art should.

In fact Nazis and Zionists co-exist in many upper echelons of society, often running the global shadow government. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the current US administration – intelligence agencies – military – industrial – pharmaceutical – banking – oil cartel. The CIA welcomed swathes of Nazis after the 2nd World War into their military. It is hard to find a media corporation not under Zionist control.


The Starstika is made by rotating the number 7 about its heel six times. There are also other iconic shapes and references hidden within its multi-faceted, layered and provocative design (copyrighted by Dissential). This new design icon will be used on a range of products, including, but not limited to, jewellery, clothing and musical products. All rights reserved.