All original designs, images, text and music are property of Dissential.

Some artists on the label use samples of others’ work. Where a significant portion of the original source material is reproduced, we will endeavour to seek copyright clearance from the relevant parties.

This is unfortunately not always possible, since the parties in question see us as an independent label (read: inconsequential) and won’t talk to us, or simply dismiss us. No doubt when the records start to sell in quantity and it becomes financially beneficial for them to lay claim to the track, they will try.

Under these circumstances, when we have taken every reasonable effort to contact the copyright holder and they have been uncooperative, we will post the details on the web site. In the event the copyright holder later decides it’s worth their while pursuing us because they need a quick buck, we have the documentation to prove the communication trail.

Sympathetic samples

We do not set out to purposefully infringe anybody’s copyright and we respect all authors of original work. Paying homage to those that have achieved greatness before us is our way of recognising their achievements.

For example, we believe the use of samples on Starstika’s International Anthem are sympathetic with the tracks. Possibly, some may argue otherwise.

If you are the copyright holder to any of the material in our music or videos and you have a genuine issue with our artists using that material then please contact us in the first instance. We will negotiate to either settle royalties on a profit-share basis or we can remove/rework the portions so they do not infringe your copyright.

Government agents need not apply :-)